Smile Design

Changing your smile can change your life! Would you love a breathtaking smile? One that radiates and illuminates any room? You can! You deserve a smile to be one of your best assets.

Dr. Gharagozloo is an exceptional cosmetic dentist in Tucson, Arizona, with the distinct ability to return proper function to your smile, giving you uplifted confidence and a sparkling, healthy look. Since everyone has their own unique preferences, Dr. G will custom design a treatment plan just for you.

Changing your smile can change your life!

Do you love your smile? We want our patients to love how they look and smile with confidence. During your cosmetic consultation, we will take the following characteristics into consideration:

  • Your sex, weight, and height
  • Tooth shape and color preference
  • Your unique, individual personality
  • Your skin, eyes, hair, and lip color
  • The natural shape of your teeth and lip line
  • Your lifestyle and activities

We want you to be completely satisfied with your new smile. Because of this we invite you to have a family member or close friend join you in determining the look that’s just right for you. Knowing you have someone on your side that you wholeheartedly trust, can often help dissolve anxieties you may have about this often life-transforming decision.

Our smile design treatments offer an exciting array of results for Tucson area residents. Schedule your smile design consultation with Dr. Gharagozloo today. You will not be disappointed!

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